Following the directives issued by Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav during a recent meeting at Police Headquarters, senior police officers were instructed to conduct night patrols. In compliance with these instructions, from Wednesday night to early Thursday morning, all police officers from DGP to SP conducted simultaneous surprise inspections of police stations across Madhya Pradesh. Throughout the night, senior police officers, including IGs and SPs, inspected over 125 police stations in their respective jurisdictions. DGP Mr. Sudhir Saxena personally inspected Obedullaganj at 1 AM, Bilkhiriya at 2:30 AM, and TT Nagar police station at 4 AM, where he also held a meeting with officers from the Bhopal Police Commissionerate.

Directives for Strengthening Law and Order:

During his surprise inspections at Obedullaganj, Bilkhiriya, and TT Nagar police stations, DGP Mr. Sudhir Saxena thoroughly examined the premises and noted the large number of impounded vehicles, issuing necessary directives for their lawful disposal. He inspected the lockups, women’s safety desks, and CCTNS operations, and gave instructions for the disposal of unnecessary items in the storage rooms. He reviewed the warrant registers, assessed the service of summons and warrants, and gave instructions for improvements. Additionally, he examined the Village Crime Notebooks of various villages under Obedullaganj and Bilkhiriya police stations to understand the rural crime situation and provided directives to maintain law and order.

DGP Personally Reviews ICJS Operations:

At 1 AM, DGP Mr. Saxena inspected Obedullaganj police station. He reviewed the service of summons and warrants and expressed dissatisfaction with the maintenance of the warrant register. Mr. Saxena personally operated a computer to review ICJS (Interoperable Criminal Justice System) operations and inspected the storage room. He also reviewed case diaries and ongoing investigations by the SDOP, providing instructions for improvements.

Emphasis on Using New Technologies for Crime Resolution:

At Bilkhiriya, the DGP instructed the launch of a special campaign for the disposal of seized vehicles and praised the renovation work of the police station building. He reviewed CCTNS operations and stressed the use of new technologies to resolve crimes. He assessed the operation of CCTV surveillance cameras and reviewed pending cases. Mr. Saxena also evaluated the beat system in the Bilkhiriya area and checked the implementation of previous directives to appoint constables and head constables as beat officers, giving further instructions to strengthen the beat system.

Meeting with Bhopal Police Commissionerate Officials at 4 AM:

At 4 AM, DGP Mr. Saxena conducted a surprise inspection of TT Nagar police station and held a meeting with officials from the Bhopal Police Commissionerate. He provided necessary directives to strengthen law and order, reviewed the shortage of police force, and gave instructions for the effective utilization of available personnel. Referring to the recent directives by the Chief Minister on promotions, he urged the Police Commissioner, Additional Police Commissioner, and Deputy Police Commissioner to expedite the promotion process to fill vacant investigation officer and staff positions. He also reviewed the performance of Assistant Police Commissioners in the Commissionerate.

Senior Officers Conduct Inspections on DGP’s Instructions:

Under DGP Mr. Sudhir Kumar Saxena’s instructions, all IGs, DIGs, SPs, and Police Commissioners/Deputy Commissioners of Bhopal and Indore were directed to inspect police stations in their respective areas overnight. IGs/DIGs were tasked with inspecting stations outside their headquarters districts, while SPs were instructed to inspect stations outside their district headquarters. During the inspections, crime reviews, record maintenance, and service of summons and warrants were assessed. Following these directives, senior police officers conducted surprise inspections of over 125 police stations across the state from Wednesday night to early Thursday morning, identifying deficiencies and issuing immediate instructions for correction

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